30 Second Story, Contacting, Doula




How to develop your 30 second story to share with everyone you meet.

Get your 30 second story. You will need and want to use it at some point in your doula career.

  • What do you do?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What was your experience?
  • Why this?

I am going to give you mine and I DO NOT CARE if you use it until you develop your very own.

I provide doula services for all families from birth and beyond. I love inspiring women during labor, reducing fear and creating comfort. I became a doula, because I recognized through my own births that care providers are hindered in the amount of  one on one attention they can give their patients. I want you (or other women) to have a better experience!

Or if I am speaking to a business group or care providers.

I am a part of a massive doula network in Michigan and across the United States. Our goal is to leave birth better, inspire expectant families and sooth their fears surrounding labor and postpartum. Becoming a new family can be difficult and we want you to know that there are uniquely equipped professionals ready to assist!

This is from my heart; I want you to win and have an amazing and inspiring business! You deserve it. Your clients will benefit from your knowledge. We are here to make birth better!