Parenthood SOS Part 2 – Diapers, Wipers and that other stuff

Every parent has their own way of changing a diaper…really, they get a system down about the 100th diaper and BAM! However, there are a few items that remain the same; the diaper, the wipes and the other stuff.

Welcome to the world of trial and error. Every baby and every diaper is different! My first child could wear one brand and the second had to wear another. There are two general options: disposable and washable.

Disposable diapers come in many brands. There are organic, generic and name brand diapers. Your personal preference and the sensitivity of your precious baby’s bottom are the holders of the magic wand here.

Our family chose disposable diapers. It was easier for us to have a drop shipment to our door, because at one time we had 3 in diapers at once. Yes, we are that crazy. Thank you, Amazon Mom!

Washable diapers are a whole different level of coolness. You can have a diaper washing service in some areas of the country! (Think baby shower gift.) Or you will need to follow the manufactures instructions on how to wash your baby’s diapers properly. There are washable all-inclusive and ones with separate inserts.  Sometimes it is trial and error, but over all this is a wonderful cost saving option for families.

Wipes also come in washable and disposable options too! Our go to brand came from our local membership store. Kirkland wipes have won the test of time and mess around our home. You will find what works best for your family, too.

Now for the other stuff. Every new parent has there go to items for diaper rash. You will find yours. Three options exist: powder, ointment, and crème. Over the years, some have strayed away from powder due to the airborne nature and possible risks. Each has its place and purpose. We have been a crème family, specifically Destin. It works, its effective and it never comes off. Once a certain child used it as war paint…yes, it never comes off especially in hair!

Please share what works best for you and your family!

Live Inspired,