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Newborn Care Class

Taking care of a new baby can be overwhelming, scary and emotional; especially if you are a new parent. Every infant is different and we are here to assist you. Inspire Doula Services has developed a class specifically to support new parents. This class will help build your confidence and self-assurance by giving you practical tips and through knowledge of infant care basics.

Classes are now forming. Daytime, evening and weekend times are available. Classes are approximately 90-120 minutes long. Group Classes will be 3 hours with a break. Plan to take this class in the last trimester of your pregnancy. If you miss taking this class during the recommended time your pregnancy, private classes are available.

Inspire Doula Services also offers to come to your home after your delivery and assist with practical support and education for your new baby!

The following topics will be covered:

  • Umbilical Cord Care
  • Circumcision or Intact Penis
  • Bathing and Other Care
  • Diapering- Cloth and Disposable
  • Feeding- Breastfeeding, Bottle-Feeding and Pumping
  • Baby Wearing-Slings, Wraps and Carriers
  • Comfort & Soothing-Knowing Your Baby’s Cues
  • Sleeping and Safety
  • Symptoms of Sickness and Proper Care

The cost is: Private Class – $150 / Group Class – $120

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Support Matters

I remember a time when I felt all alone. 7 months pregnant with 3 others under 5 years old. I was trapped. At 29 weeks, I went to a standard appointment and explained to my obstetrician that I was having some Braxton Hicks. After that appointment I was filled with shock and in awe of what she discovered…I now had to be on complete bed-rest. I was not allowed to pick up my toddler or stand longer than it took to walk to the bathroom. I was instructed to only do the stairs once a day…in my tri-level house. I could not play on the floor or cook my family dinner. My priority was to keep my little baby in the womb as long as possible. For just about, 6 weeks I was captive in my own home and in my own body hoping the best for our unborn son.

Can I tell you something? 

Having no immediate family living in our state. Having a husband who had to work to provide for our family. I was left hopeless.

I was surprised in the most unbelievable and humbling way. There was a tribe that rallied around our family.These women made meals, watched our children, and cleaned our home as if it was their own. I had never seen anything like this!

Part of the reason why I became a doula, both birth and postpartum, is because of this tribe. I hope that no family is left unsupported. There are trained professionals ready to help you with newborn care, bed-rest situations, breastfeeding difficulties, nanny the siblings, make you meals, and lend a hand during your postpartum time.  Support matters, because it made a difference to me!